9 y.o. MP – 1st training day with Paragon CRT lenses

A week after MP was seen, her parents called our office to start the myopia control program with Paragon CRT lenses.

MP has never worn any type of contact lenses before, so we knew that there would a learning curve.  We ordered the lenses and scheduled for the family to come in for training on Saturday the end of January

We instilled some numbing drops to help make her initial experience comfortable so that we can evaluate the lenses on her eyes.  Insertion was very easy because MP was calm and relaxed.

The lenses were allowed to settled on her eyes while we go over instructions, do’s and don’ts and what to expect the next few days.

We actually taught her father how to insert/remove the lenses because we wanted him to have experience to assist her in case she cannot do it herself.  We planned on teaching her how to insert/remove on her own the next week.

We wanted MP to have the experience of the lenses in her eyes after the numbing drops have worn off so that she can feel that they don’t hurt and that she can see clearly.  We also wanted her to feel how they would feel when her eyes are closed.

After 30 minutes, I helped MP remove the lenses using a tool called a DMV.  Her uncorrected vision w/o the lenses was already 20/25 in each eye.  I gently reminded her parents that  the immediate goal is to help her see the best without contact lenses or glasses during the day and stop her vision from getting worse for the long term.


9 y.o. MP new diagnosis of myopia

MP told her parents over the holidays that she was not seeing the board very clearly.  Her parents dreaded the inevitable and brought her in to see us early January.

We confirmed the diagnosis was myopia and glasses were made for her to wear part time for distance as needed.

We explained to her parents that there is an alternative that can help stop her eyes from getting progressively worse.  We explained to her parents about orthokeratology as part of our myopia control treatment program and why she would be a great candidate to start this program.

Reasons why MP is a great candidate for orthokeratology:

1.  Early onset and low rx:  If we catch myopia early in childhood, we hope to stop it from progressing.  Her myopia is under 2 diopters, which is still very functional for reading, computer use, and activities of daily living.

2.  Active in sports:  MP does lots of extra curricular activities such as swim, volleyball and tennis.  She does not have to worry about the lenses moving around, drying out, or falling out like other kids who wear glasses or traditional contact lenses.

3.  Family history:  Both her parents are myopic in the -5.00 to -6.50 range.

Her parents took the information packet home to discuss, but felt that she was too young at this time.