9 y.o. MP 4 month post CRT program

I just saw MP today for her 4 mo post Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) program.  She is doing well with the lenses.

She can put them in and take them out on one try by herself.  Her parents noticed that she was not doing a good job at cleaning the lenses, so they still assist her with this routine daily.  If she does not get all the cleaning residue off of the lenses,  her parents noticed that she complains that her eyes burn, water and turn red.

She says that she is able to play sports and see the white board in school without needing her glasses.  She is very active playing sports such as tennis, swimming and volleyball, so this program has allowed her to perform at her best.

MP is doing well and her vision is stable at the moment, so she will be seeing us again just before school starts in August for a progress evaluation.