8 y.o. AI -2.75 D myope

AI came back today for her 2 week post treatment.  AI is doing well and is very happy to be able to see clearly for all of her vision needs.  Her vision today is 20/20 in each eye.  When both eyes are open, she can actually read a few letters on 20/15.

Her father has been helping her insert and remove the lenses for the past few weeks.   He has been giving AI about 3 tries to insert/remove the lenses before he steps in to help out.  It seems like her frustration level peaks after a few tries and she gives up.

We have a planned appointment next week to help AI practice inserting and removing them on her own.   We want to see AI try to do this on her own and offer our own tips and advice.

8 y.o AI, a -2.75D myope

AI started her program with us early June 2014.  She is very active in dance, swimming, and loves to read.  There is no significant genetic link from her parents about AI’s progressing myopia.  Her initial Rx was -1.75 in 2013.  Her new Rx is about -2.75 in each eye.

We saw her this morning for her 1 day post overnight wear.  AI did well on this visit.  No tears came out today or yesterday.  Her father reported that it was easy to insert the lenses last night.  She was not able to take them out herself (as expected).

Her vision was right on target for the first night.  I reassured AI and her father that it may take a few days for her eyes to mold to get the 20/20 mark.

I reviewed instructions and offered tips on insertion/removal.  I discussed scenarios on what might happen and the results of these scenarios as AI and her father start to journey down this path of myopia control using Paragon Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT)