13 yo CD 3 week post treatment

I requested CD come in the afternoon so that I can see how she is seeing.

CD still has 20/20 vision in each eye.  She is very happy with her vision throughout the day.  The topographies are starting to fill out the circular red pattern as the treatment progresses.

CD says that it takes about 5 minutes to insert, a little more time in the left eye than the right eye.  She explains that sometimes the left lens falls off of her finger and onto the mirror.  When I asked her to insert the lenses in the office, it was one try each eye.

CD is doing great and we will plan on seeing her back in 2 months for a progress evaluation.

13 yo EZ -2.00 Myope

EZ started our program 6 days ago.  At the one day post treatment, EZ was seeing 20/30 and 20/20 at 8:30 AM.  The lenses look centered and there was no discomfort.  I reviewed with EZ and mom that everything is going well.  EZ was seeing about the same as the old glasses from last year.

I requested to see EZ in the evening time 1 week later for a progress evaluation.  At this visit, EZ was seeing 20/25 in each eye.  I reassured that this normal because in the evening time the treatment may fade a little bit.  

EZ did not have any complaints.  No complaints of irritation, dryness, or haloes/glare at night.

EZ will follow up with me in 2 weeks in the morning.

13 yo CD 1 week post CRT

Our newest pt is 13 y.o. CD.   She is starting 8th grade and came in the end of July for an eye exam.  She was introduced to the program last year in 2013, but her mother felt she was not ready yet.

Her pre-treatment Rx is -2.75 right eye and -2.50 left eye.

 It is her 6th day post initial treatment with Paragon CRT lenses.

 She was measured to see 20/20 in her right eye and 20/30 in her left eye without any glasses or contact lenses.  CD is right handed and it seems like it is harder to insert/remove the left lens. Occasional poor insertion can cause less than perfect results the next day. 

CD just has a nice glow and a big smile showing her braces when I ask her about her new make over before school starts.  CD is an avid reader.  One of her brother’s is also a reader and his Rx is beyond the -6.00 range.