9 y.o. MM -5.00 Myope

MM came into our clinic late August for a consultation.  MM was actually seen 2 weeks prior somewhere else for a general examination, but his father mentioned that no myopia control treatment options were offered.

MM’s parents were excited to offer his son a chance at stopping his Rx from getting worse and options of being able to engage in sports without the need for glasses during the day.  MM is the older brother and has the highest Rx in the family so far.  His mother does not have any correction.  Younger sister is 7 yo with a -1.00 D Rx.  Father has a -4.00 D Rx.

Initially we tried the Paragon CRT extended range orthokeratology lenses, but they did not fit well, and his response to the treatment the next day was minimal.

MM’s father was very motivated to continue the journey to finding a lens that will give MM a better chance a success.  I outlined to his father that I was confident that we could find another manufacturer that would help his son.

We ordered the iSEE lens from GP Specialists.  The iSEE lens is a 5 curve design vs the 3 curve design. which means that this case is more complex with so many variables to adjust.

Stay tuned…

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