CANDY is good for your child’s vision. Ask us why!

Controlling Astigmatism and Myopia in Developing Youth. (CANDY, 2008 by Bartels and Wilcox)

The CANDY Study (Controlling Astigmatism and Nearsightedness in Developing Youth) is a interoffice study performed by Dr. Wilcox and Dr. David Bartels (from New York) which showed that kids who participated in CM had a near total cessation in the progression of the nearsightedness which they were experiencing before CM. The graph below shows how the kids were getting worse before CM by an average of 0.50 diopters per year (blue line) and then only progressed at a near-zero rate of 0.05 diopters per year after starting CM (orange line). You can read the whole study here (CANDY Study, 2008).

8 y.o. AI 6 month progress report 20/20 in each eye

AI came back for a scheduled progress evaluation with Paragon CRT lenses.

She can insert and remove them by herself with one try.  She is totally independent.

AI is very happy with her treatment and has literally no complaints.  She was seeing 20/20 in each eye at 4PM.

I have noticed that AI did blink heavily intermittently and advised her father to switch to Unisol Preservative Free Saline to use for a few weeks.  Currently, they have been using B & L Sensitive Eyes Saline as the rinse and the solution to fill the bowl of the contact lens upon insertion at night.

I explained that AI if she is sensitive to the preservative in the Sensitive Eyes bottle, then we’d see a reduction of her signs in a week.

9 Y.O. MM -5.00 D Myope 20/20 in each eye at 6PM

MM came in for his follow up on Tuesday night at 6PM and was seeing 20/20 in each eye.  He reports no troubles with the lenses, no dryness, no glare.

MM did try the Paragon CRT orthokeratology lens initially, but we found that they didn’t fit his eyes as well.  mm.09.06.2014

Because of the iSEE’s 5 curve design, it can treat prescriptions up to -10.00 diopters of myopia and up to -4.00 diopters of astigmatism.

The iSEE Advanced Custom Ortho-k.  After some revisions, this fits nicely on MM’s eyes and now he is on a maintenance schedule.