8 YO DT -5.00 AND -4.75

9/13/2015:  I saw DT 3 weeks after he got his new iSEE lenses.

His mom is still helping with insertion/removal, but he’s done very well to let her do it without too much trouble.  Insertion and removal time is minimal.  We hope to practice with him to do it on his own once we get his vision fine tuned and the lenses to fit well.

He came in seeing 20/25 with both eyes and 20/30 in each eye.  There were no corneal issues and the lenses seem to center very well according to the topography maps.  Because his Rx was high to start, we wanted to make sure we gave it enough time to mold, so I requested DT to come back in 2 weeks to verify if there will be any more changes.  If we need to make a slight adjustment, then we can do it then.

Mom was advised to use peroxide to disinfect, saline to rinse, and unique pH for insertion.  The only step that could use adjustment was mom also used peroxide to rub to clean prior to insertion.  This step was not recommended and I redirected her steps to minimize sources of error that could cause us to get less than ideal results.

This is an example of a higher Rx in a young child that is doing really well.