12 yo MW -3.25 and -2.50

MW started our program in September 2015.  We first tried Paragon CRT lenses for 2 nights, but the treatment was not sufficient so in the interest of time, we changed to the iSEE Advanced Ortho-K lenses.

MW learned insertion/removal with ease.  MW was able to remove the lenses with and without the plunger.

At the 2 week progress visit MW saw 20/25 and 20/20.  MW mentioned that 2 days prior to the visit she didn’t wear the lenses.  The maps didn’t look that great, but the lenses look well centered.

1 month post treatment, MW sees 20/20 in each eye.  The topography maps showed good centration and treatment.

MW is using Clear Care and B & L Sensitive Eyes Saline and Refresh Tears.

I plan to see MW in 3 months for a progress evaluation.mw.od