MM and DM 2nd year report

Both patients came back in for their annual wellness examinations.  MM and DM started our myopia control program in the Fall of 2014.

Their father was happy to see that they are stable with their vision and there have not been any changes that is concerning or unexpected with their treatment program.  MM was still seeing the same as he has always been, 20/20 in each eye.  DM was also on target at 20/20- and 20/25.

The topographical maps taken with our Medmont E300 corneal topographer were examined to reveal how the lenses behaved in a closed eye environment.  A comparison was done from 3 months ago to present to see if there are any changes to the lenses caused by warpage, scratches, debris/deposits, etc.

The eyes were examined with a slit lamp microscope and photos and videos were taken  to document abnormalities for patient/parent education.

A refraction was done for data analysis.

Questions were asked to see how they inserted and removed the lenses, products and techniques used and sleeping patterns.  As always, we always take the time to fine tune and re-direct their focus as to why they are in the program and what they might be doing wrong that can pose risk to their treatment program.

No changes were needed and I will plan to see them back in 3 months for a regularly scheduled visit as part of our maintenance program.