10 YO AP (MY SON) 4 month report

AP first started the program February 27, 2017.  He’s been in the program for almost 4 months.  He is enjoying all the benefits of seeing clearly like other kids wearing soft contact lenses or glasses, but with the added protection of trying to stop or slow down his myopia.

AP is still seeing 20/20 with the original custom iSEE lenses that I designed for him.  He inserts and removes the lenses by himself without any supervision.

The only comment I have is that there may be some initial discomfort upon the first insertion.  There are times where I would ask him to lay down so that I can add a drop of unique pH in the nasal corner of his eye while he is laying down so that he can flush out any irritant out the temporal corner of his eye.  Sometimes he does push hard into the eye with the lens upon insertion and by having an extra drop of liquid will allow the lens to loosen the suction to give better comfort.

One thing to note is that our lenses have a slight tint to them to help color code for right and left.  Green is for right eye and blue is for left eye.  (Green has the letter ‘R’ in it and blue has the letter ‘L’ in it.)  This can be easily noticed when the lenses are placed onto a white paper towel or facial tissue.

We noticed that the peroxide containers may also have a different color scheme and may confuse patients.  So when in doubt if you think you may have mixed them up, place the lenses on a white background to double check.

And finally we also use Progent to deep clean the lenses and keep them as clean as possible periodically.

We will give you updates on AP from time to time, but I expect this case to mimic others before him.